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Your 100-year life

What if you live to 100

How can we avert the global catastrophe awaiting our elderly?

Documentary Your 100-year life raises the alarm concerning life after retirement

About the film

Hurray, we are living longer. The bad news is pension systems are busting worldwide. With extensive old age poverty as a result. In The Netherlands the system is still solid, though inflation is hitting many pensioners here as well.

An incisive picture from all over the world
The documentary Your 100-year life, by risk management professor and Cardano founder Theo Kocken, stages a mind-blowing representation of the parlous state of old-age provision, all over the world. Mixing personal stories and expert analysis with humour and optimism, in a unique way.

It’s not too late yet
Your 100-year life shows how even the richest countries have been brought to this point. Yet, there are genuine grounds for hope. It’s not too late yet. Providing we rethink the concept of retirement in general, and of old age, the quality of life as a pensioner and financing it in particular. It will make your hundredth anniversary something to celebrate.   

The film premiered on September 27th 2022.

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We are happy to give you the opportunity to watch the documentary at your organisation, with a Q&A or discussion. Ideal for a study day or seminar.

I wanted to shine bright spotlights on how poorly many societies across the globe are dealing with the realities of ageing, as well as on creative solutions that instill purpose and even joy into the aging process. This requires real people and real examples. A documentary film is an effective tool to do this

Theo Kocken
Filmmaker and Chair Cardano Development Foundation

Themes in the film

  • Multi-stage life

  • Human capital in the 21st century

  • Quality of life at older ages

In the media

  • Your 100-year life: A film that explains why and how we should retire ‘retirement’.
    Keith Ambachtsheer
    While on the whole a highly professional, serious production, this new 55-minute “Your Hundred Year Life” film makes clever use of the Python humour presentation style to convey its messages. Theo Kocken has indeed shone bright lights on how poorly many societies are dealing with the reality of ageing, and happily, also on the steps we can take to do better
    The Ambachtsheer Letter
  • Retirement is an outdated concept.
    Pensioen Pro
    That message is delivered by Theo Kocken, professor of risk management at VU University and founder of Cardano, in his documentary Your 100-year life – (n)ever retire? ‘The risk in old age is not dying. The real risk, financially speaking, is living, living to 100,’ says Larry Kotlikoff, Boston economics professor at the beginning of the film. This sets the tone: the traditional idea of retirement around age 65 must be jettisoned because it is unaffordable with increasing life expectancy.
    Pensioen Pro
  • Professor Theo Kocken questions retirement with film.
    EW Magazine
    With his film, Kocken hopes to get working people thinking about how they can continue to do so for as long as possible. Not just from a financial perspective. Kocken: ‘It also prevents social isolation, slows mental and physical deterioration and gives more meaning to your later phase of life.’
    EW Magazine
  • The current concept of retirement has stopped working.
    Over the past forty years, life expectancy in the Western world has increased by roughly ten years. But we do too little to prepare people financially, physically and mentally for a meaningful, longer life. There is hardly any guidance to a later stage of life. This is because of the ingrained concept of abrupt retirement – and something can be done about it.

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